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Does anyone else really just ever sit and think about the boys, read fanfictions,imagines, and anything else about the One Direction boys and think, “Awe that’s exactly how it will happen with me!” but then maybe you go on twitter or some other social media place and see all the other fans and people and realize, “Wow. There’s so many I would have to be really lucky!” but then maybe one day you’re going to a concert or someplace else and see all the other beautiful girls who you think are so much prettier than you? It just really kinda breaks you down, and you feel this emptyness inside and your heart aches from this and you look and admire their beauty, wishing you had that, wishing you had that thigh gap? Wishing you were skinny? Wishing you were beautiful? Wishing you could one day be your favorite boy’s girlfriend/wife or even bestfriend but then you snap out of it, look at those girls and how many millions there are, sigh look down, wipe the brimming tears out of your eyes and try to move on, but you can’t that feeling stays there and haunts you daily, hoping one day when you meet them that boy will fall in love with you but then you realize. It will never happen. So you try and try to move on fighting that empty feeling, living day in and day out on the computer waiting for the day you’ll meet them, praying, throwing coins in a wishing well, wishing on shooting stars he will fall in love with you? But deep down you know he won’t but for some reason you battle this feeling, because you know you aren’t good enough, you aren’t perfect, or gorgeous or skinny or worth it and you know he will find a girl that is. But she won’t be you. You will never be his princess. Does anyone ever feel like this? No? just me? Oh….. I’m going to bed now…


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